Seed Starters Made From 2-Liter Bottles

Today we are going to make seed starter pots by repurposing 2-Liter bottles. First you take a clean 2-Liter bottle and cut the bottom off where the line is located at the bottom. I like to leave the cap on the bottles so that I have the inside air pressure in the beginning to make my cuts easier because the bottle has more resistance. Please be very careful with this step!! You can use a steak knife or an X-acto knife, but whatever you use, it needs to be sharp, so be careful not to cut your fingers or cut your 2-liter wrong. The cut doesn’t have to be perfect, but the more straight it is, the better!

Empty 2 LiterBottom line on 2-Liter

Now you have a top and a bottom of your 2-liter. You are going to be planting your seedling in the bottom of the pot, but do not throw the two of your two liters away. Find a place by your garden or garden supplies to store them. You can even next them inside of each other now to save space, but be sure to hold on to them, because you will need them in a few weeks when it is time to replant your veggies/flowers/fruits in the ground.

Cut 2-Liter

Next, take the bottom and carefully puncture the bottom in a few places (I prefer the bottom parts that actually touch the counter) with an ice pick, a steak knife tip, by gently spinning it or use a small drill bit on your drill. With these being plastic and something that you will not be putting in the ground, you are going to need to have good drainage to stop your plants from getting too wet and getting root rot.

Drainage holes

Finally, simply fill the bottom with potting soil or your choice of seed starter and plant your seeds according to the package directions. In no time you will have tiny sprouts popping out of your free seed starters!

Sprout in -Liter Pot

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